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About Us

FOG The Agency is a conversion-driven digital agency that crafts experiences for businesses and brands, from search to purchase and beyond.

We build Digital Strategies, do branding, Search Engine Marketing (SEM or paid search), Display Advertising, Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Influencer research, Website Design, Ecommerce Integration, App Design among other things.

We build brands & value, by adopting a long term view but keeping in mind short term results. We build communication strategies that are in line with organic, holistic & lasting increase in the bottom line.

This might include digital discovery strategies, building digital assets, and creating digital marketplaces for clients.

The What We Do

– Create Digital Strategies
– Digital Marketing including Search Engine Marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, data analytics, and influencer research.
– Lead generation & conversion.
– Branding and other digital creative assets.
– Building websites and digital platforms for consumers that might include the facilitation of payments.
– Building Customer & User Experience
– Innovation in digital mediums including building new platforms and apps that will help organizations.
– Future pivots in the digital domain as innovation brings about new as yet undefined products, product categories, and service offerings.

The How

– We build strategy-bottom up rather than top-down. This keeps us agile, allows us to adapt quickly, reduces assumptions and maximizes success.
– Data is crucial. So is art and creativity. So is knowledge and experience. We create campaigns with these foundations.
– We treat our clients’ money as our own. This means maximizing returns and being diligent.
– We experiment a lot. Assumptions can be verified or nullified. Optimum A/B testing is a way of life.
– We are on the constant lookout for value be it markets, media spend, workflows, or new technology.
– Be honest.

The What We Don’t Do

– Try and fit square pegs in a hole. If our services are not what you are looking for we will be honest.
– Try and sell something that doesn’t work.